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Philips should have known something would happen. It was too quiet of a day. He'd just finished up some paperwork and was carrying some files to the secretary, if he could find her. Thinking she might be out for a smoke, Philips goes out the nearest exit door...and finds he's no longer next to the building he thought he was.

Everything's different. He's standing in the middle of an installation, outside an obstacle course was being broken in by a few recruits. Or what he could assume was recruits. Philips frowns and starts marching up to the guy in charge. Seems there's a disagreement going on....
base camp

Late Night Antics

Tony: It's beautiful! We never found any more of it no matter how much we looked!
Phillips: oh fan-tastic
Phillips: It's a big frisbee
Tony: That can take hits from anything. Tell me that's not awesome, colonel.
Phillips: It's not awesome.
Philips: whatever that is
Tony: We need to work on your definition of awesome.
Tony: For one... the easiest synonym is amazing. You know that that means right? Awe inspiring?
Phillips: amazing that I'm still listening to you? yeah
Tony: -Gives a long suffering sigh.- You really give me no credit at all. -Huffs- Least I'm not a pansy like him... -Meaning Howard.-
Phillips: Pansy, now that's a word I can get behind
Tony: You know as well as I do.. he may be brilliant... but he's a powder puff. -A little bitter? Just a little.-
Phillips: Yeah...but he's our powder puff
Tony: -Sighs at this.- Yeah. Guess so.
Phillips: and need I point out, without him there would be no YOU
Tony: And I'm sure you'd cry a river over that, colonel.
Phillips: oh, I'm tearing up just thinking about it
Tony: Try to contain yourself. I know I'm hard to get over.
Phillips: I could probably manage it....with a jeep
Tony: At least your sense of humor is still in tact.
Tony: And apparently I'm a wonder of the world for existing because my father is about as monogamous as a Mormon.
Phillips: Stark's a Mormon?
Tony: It was a comparison, Phillips. My dad only believes in himself and science.
Phillips: *yelling to the side* Hey Stark, you a Mormon??
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for capt_rogers

There was a commotion outside. Colonel Phillips frowned as he looked up from the letter he was dictating, seeing his men all running for the same side of the camp. He ducked under the tent flap and came out...

"I don't believe it..." he said with a shake of his head, watching the procession coming into camp.